Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Velveteen Rabbit

We started reading books to our DD since she was months old. She was always excited everytime she saw me with a book on hand. Now that she's 5 years old she can choose what story she wants us to read. At a very young age, she showed me the emotional side of her. Several times, I saw her eyes watered while I read stories. One afternoon she asked me to read the story of "The Velveteen Rabbit" she said, "Please Momma, can you read this book to me. This story is about Love." While reading the middle part of the story I saw her eyes watered and was trying to hide her face from me. I asked her if I said something that hurt her feeling. A bit embarrassed she said, don't worry mom this is just tears of joy. I know that she was touched with the story. When we're done she went to the living room sat on the couch holding Lara (our cat) and cried more. I let her eased up a little bit then talked to her the lesson of the story, how great it is to have loved ones, to have friends. No matter what, you know they always want the best for you. There were times that I don't want to read touching stories coz I really don't want to see her cry while listening, but those are the ones that has a great lessons. Did you guys experience it with your children or my DD is just a bit emotional.


Christine said...

I love that book. It is one of my favorites too, and I can never read it without crying....Your daughter and I would be in good company....Now don't let her watch Old Yeller, LOL

Mira said...

I haven't read that story to Michael yet, but in time I will. His favorite book is Goodnight Moon. I guess it's good that Joanne is emotional, at least you know she is feeling and absorbing the story.


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