Monday, January 26, 2009

You've Just Got To Move It!

Cooler months have you hibernating? Come on... there are plenty of ways to get up and move it! Bring activity into your home by creating obstacle courses where kids have to crawl over pillows, through boxes, and jump into hula - hoops. Or maybe you would prefer to act out a favorite story or go outside and use those leg muscles to make paths in the snow. Playgrounds are open all year round and they are FREE, so bundle up and go swing on a swing, slide down a slide, and use those arms to climb.
You've just got to move it!


carlota said...

I can't do it. hehehe. too cold.

musta? Happy Monday Dhoy. hugs!

Mira said...

Me too! We can only walk and sled for a while. I haven't tried taking him to the park.


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