Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Having a Baby

We parents are very much aware that breast milk is best for our baby, not just the basic nutrition that baby needs but breast milk is packed with disease – fighting substances that protect our baby from illness. I wasn't lucky enough to continue breastfeeding my baby since after my second month, I needed to take medicine that made me stopped from breastfeeding. Six weeks was too short to nurture her with my breastmilk. I loved the quiet moment she and I had together when I was breastfeeding her. I loved the look of contentment on her face after I fed her. It wasn't my plan to give her the formula but because of what happened I really had to. My baby's pediatrician suggested the formula that's best for her. I gave her Isomil but there is a Parent's Choice Infant Formula that is not as expensive. It is actually 50% less than the other brand. Since all infant formulas sold in the U.S. are required to be manufactured in accordance with, and meet the nutritional requirements of, the Federal Food, drug and Cosmetic Act for infant formula under the regulation of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration it is worth to check with your pediatrician of what is best for your baby. You can use an online baby formula calculator to see how much you can save versus the other brand.


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