Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Get Help From Sears!

“ This post was sponsored by Sears. All the opinions are mine”

For the new high school graduates going to college and moving into a dorm can be a realization of a long- cherished dream. This might be the first time to some to be away from their parents. Living by themselves for the first time could be exciting and at times challenging but thanks to Sears.com for creating a site where college students can navigate and get some ideas to be CampusReady. It is also a great help for parents so they can shop according to their kids need. This site has a lot of informations that are very helpful to both student and parent. One of the great advantage of the site is that, it covers almost every aspects of living independently. There is a dorm room category, interactive checklist where you can find all the dorm life essentials and even spending wisely, which is a big challenge for some college students. While kids are excited to live independently most parents are worried for their kids being away from home.
With the popularity of facebook for college students, Sears created a CampusReady on Facebook for them to visit.
Also, college tuition costs is still rising, you can enter for a chance to win money toward child's college tuition from Sears and Upromise. A total of $25,000 will be awarded. Upromise members are automatically entered with a sears.com purchase through Upromise.com, or enter free at sears.com/campusready. See sears.com/campusready for full rules and complete details.


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