Saturday, September 5, 2009

Ad In The Sky

One Saturday morning in Boston during the Sail Boston 2009, a lot of people were on line trying to have a glimpse of beautiful ships on exhibit. Out of the blue there were 5 helicopters flying in the bright sky making some ads. People were looking up curious, waiting for the words to form. What a great way of advertising, but an expensive one i think.


Liz said...

Cool! But you're right, expensive nga. :) Happy Monday!

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Enchie said...

this is so nice and cool :D

auLia said...

hi.., always happy day ;))

Dorothy L said...

LOL...How cool!

Shinade aka Jackie said...

Simply wonderful!! My grandsons are native Mainers and big big Red sox fans!!:-)))

Liz said...

Hi Dhoy! Thank you so much for your concern. Thank God at hindi naman. We're all ok. Please continue to pray for us, pati na rin ang buong Asia, sunod sunod ang mga disasters.

How are you na? Mukhang sobrang busy ah. Hope you had a great weekend. Take care! :)


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