Wednesday, May 21, 2008

To Inay, Happy Birthday!!

To a very special person in my life...
***My MOTHER***

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"My mother was the most beautiful woman I ever saw. All I am I owe to my mother. I attribute all my success in life to the moral, intellectual and physical education I received from her." -- George Washington

My mother, Valentina Tendido died at the age of 70. She was hypertensive from a very early age. She survived the first four strokes, but the last one happened on Jan. 18, 1996, unfortunately, she didn't make it. She lost her consciousness on my arms. She was a very brave and hardworking woman. Full of love and understanding. With her lean and tall frame, I always asked myself where her strength came from. She always reminded me that LOVE is an outgoing concern, to love somebody you must sacrifice and give your whole life just to satisfy your love and this became more clear to me when I became a mother myself.The greatest thanks i can offer more than words could ever say is to give my child the love she gave me.

How I truly miss you, words are not enough to say what I feel within me. No other person in this world can take your place here in my heart. The day you passed away was the most hurting and memorable feeling for me. It was terribly empty feeling that I can bury my head in my pillow until I tire in the evening. You never had a chance to see me married to the man i love. You don't even got the chance to play with my little princess. Oh, if you could only see how sweet and smart she is. How I wish you could live up to a hundred, but most of the time things do not happen as we expect they would. It brings tears to my eyes, knowing that i can not see you, touch you, hear you. relishing the old times is the closest I can get to feel you around once more. You have been away for twelve years now but my memory of you is as fresh as the morning dew. I miss your smile, I miss talking to you about anything and everything while we were just sitting on the sofa or sometimes lying on bed. I miss all that, I miss your company. I am forever grateful for the golden values which I have learned from you. These will forever live in my heart and in my mind they are eternal.

Happy happy birthday to you Inay & happy wedding anniversary too, to you & Tatay!!

I really miss you both so very much. I Love You. I know you are happy and protected there in heaven.

I made this tribute to her a long time ago on Mother's day but I decided to post it here on her birthday.


Mira said...

My eyes welled up while reading this very touching post, I suddenly thought about my Nanay. I wouldn't know what to do too if I lose her, she's the greatest force and influence in my life as well. This is a very nice tribute to your mom, I'm sure you're gonna be great just like her.
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Anonymous said...

I don't think I ever told you, but that is a very touching tribute. I wish I could write like that. Your mother must have been a truly wonderful person.

Dhoy M. said...

Hi Mira. sorry, I made you cry. Sometimes when talking about our parents the poetic side of us come naturally.

Admin said...

i'm speechless. teary eye.

Thanks for submitting your entry.

sure we can xlink. let you know when its up. Take care.

Beth said...

Dhoy, you really make me cry. I am missing my parents so much now. I wish I could go home as soon as I can so I can be with them.

Ladynred said...

Congratulations to you. You deserved to win!!
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Dhoy M. said...

Hi Beth,Thank you.

Dhoy M. said...

Hi ladynred, Thanks a lot.


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