Thursday, May 22, 2008

Traveling with CARE(s) (A safe air-travel with kids)

Just recently, we had our vacation in the Philippines and traveling solo with my daughter is not an easy task, especially if you travel for over 20 hrs. I did a lot of research about traveling with kids, what to bring and most importantly the safety of my daughter. Booster seat made for use with a lap-shoulder belt cannot be used, because there is no shoulder belt for upper-body restraint, so I looked online and found this really fabulous device. Its a Child Aviation Restraint System (CARES) and is FAA approved. I think this is a must- have if you have kids traveling with you. It's a great alternative for the booster seat. It is lightweight, very easy to install and my daughter seemed so comfortable with it.
Since it was a very long flight, I loosened her belt from time to time, so she can move around on her seat and do her drawings when the belt sign is not illuminated. Air travel to and from the Phils. wasn't a problem at all. I didn't hear a single complain from my daughter.


Mira said...

It's good you traveled when Joanne is already a bit older, try traveling with a toddler, oh no, LOL. Anywaay, what does CARE do? Is it some kind of a booster seat? Where did you buy it?
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Dhoy M. said...

We did travel when she was a toddler and It wasn't a very good experience. So, we tried to avoid air travel and opted to drive if it is just a day drive.
CARES is just a strap that you install in an airplane seat. It has loops on both ends that connects through the passanger lap-belt. I bought it online.


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