Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My Little Girl Is Now 7!

My little girl turned 7 two weeks ago but we gave her a party last Saturday. (and yes, mom was so busy planning this momentous event.) It was a successful party and kids enjoyed it a lot.
In the Philippines, most parents look forward to their child's 7th birthday. It is one of the celebrated years in child's life, so parents make sure it is as special as possible.

We hired the magician/clown to entertain the kids.

Kids were engaged from the minute she started setting up until the minute she said goodbye.

All kids were lined up for the most anticipated balloon sculpture. ( Blinkee is an expert on this)

The Puppet Show- courtesy of our friend Sally Cragin.

The Pinata...

and the cake for the finale...


Mira said...

Great party Dhoy. I wish we were there to join the fun. Hopefully we can get together before summer ends, and para mabigay ko din yung gifts namin for Joanne.

Anyway, Michael had on and off temperature till Sunday night. It was a good call to just let him stay at home to rest. He was persistent to attend summer camp on Monday, so I brought him to school. But the teacher said he was very subdued the whole time. Good thing wala na syang temperature. Today balik na ang appetite nya, and makulit na ulit, LOL.

Tey said...

time fly so fast.. next thing you know she is not your baby anymore. Thanks for sharing Dhoy
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Mom Daughter Style said...

how fun, it looks like an exciting and fun birthday party

Jona said...

looks like the kids really had fun! im interested about the shadow puppet :D

have you seen my new look lately?

GlassesShop said...

how fun and happy they are


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