Friday, April 8, 2011

Hand- Drawn By Joanne - Card For A Cause

The latest happenings in Japan made my 7 year old girl think of how she can help. She feels very bad about what happened and wants to do something in her own little way. She decided to make hand-drawn cards and sell them for $3 each, and donate the money to the Red Cross.Let me know if you want one for $3 or whatever you want to give. ALL proceeds go to the American Red Cross, Japan Tsunami Relief Fund.


Jona said...

wow! your daughter has a great heart :D
hope you follow Heartifying if you haven't. thanks Dhoy!

DhoyM said...

Thanks Jona, her drawings are for 7 years old but her intensions made me a proud mommy.

Remote Control Toys said...

I admire your child, it seems you have raised her well.

Harry said...

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alice said...

Please share some drawing tips.

Kevin Collins said...

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