Monday, August 25, 2008

Weekend at the beach...

Since summer will soon be over and DD will be going to school we decided to spent our weekend in Rhode island. It was very relaxing days at the beach. DD enjoyed the water so much that she requested for another day to go swimming again. We started our day at the city walk. We walked and took a lot of pictures from Forty Steps down to the Breakers Home. Cliff walk has an amazing view of the ocean and the coastline. This was the nth time DH visited the place and he always enjoyed it.


Tey said...

i enjoyed looking at the pix Dhoy. it's really fun playing with the kids.. Unfortunately summer has already gone here in Toronto. I am already wearing sweat shirt...sigh!!!
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MIRA said...

Joanne is getting bigger everytime I see her pics. I wish we can get together again so you can see Michael ;-)
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Liz said...

What a lovely blog. RI is a lovely place. Looks like everyone is having a great time in the pictures. Best wishes


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