Sunday, August 31, 2008

Our Purr fect companion...

After our 17 yo cat Schmedley passed away a year ago. DH kept on bugging me to have a new one. I was hesitant to have another cat again since I saw how emotional he was when he lost our cat, also cat's smell bothers me a lot. Then one morning I heard DH talking to my DD that there was a cat who wanted a new home. DD asked me nonstop if she can have her. Guess what, after a lot of convincing DH and DD were ecstatic when they heard me say yes. Now we have a new addition in our family. This cute and gregarious little fella makes my DD and DH happy.


Carlota said...

awe that's soooo cute. Last night Julie was trying again begging to her dad if she can have a cat, poor thing the answer is NO.

Happy Monday Dhoy.

MIRA said...

She's so cute, Joanne will learn compassion for animals when you have a pet in the house. I'm not sure I will agree to get another dog anytime soon. It's hard enough to deal with an active toddler everyday ;-) Maybe when Mikey is already in school then I can manage to have another dog in the house. Happy Labor Day!


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