Monday, September 1, 2008

The Robin's chronicle...(part1)

It was very common in our yard to hear the Robin sings and see them hunting for food to eat.(their diet consists of worms, bugs, fruits & berries) But making a nest just outside our window, that is very unusual. Early summer a robin had started building a nest on top of a stepladder leaning against the house under an overhang. Odd, in that I thought they typically built nests in dense trees/bushes not in the open, and not so close to people. DH just used the ladder a day before they started building a nest. I wasn't sure whether to knock it down or leave it be. How aggressive are mother robins? If I left it be, DH can't use the ladder until she's done,but it is a chance to show my DD an empty nest, then nest with eggs, then growing baby birds. It was also 15 feet away from her swingset. We decided not to move the ladder and after few days we found three eggs in it already.

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MIRA said...

We have two nests of robins under our deck too, so we can't hose down the deck to clean it. We don't want to soak the baby birds in the nest.


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