Saturday, September 27, 2008

Is Your Boss Spying On You?

It's legal, it's happening and it can get you fired.

Now a days a lot of employees lost their jobs for using their time blogging, downloading music, surfing the net during office hours. Companies are now using two types of spying software: network- based programs that monitor all traffic passing through a system and programs that sit directly on an employees desktop. Vericept protect is one of them. So if you want to enjoy blogging, surfing the net and at the same time keeping your job, here are some tips for what to do-and not to do- when using your work computer:

7 Rules to live by:

* Know your company's computer-use policy and comply with it.

* Assume you're being monitored, and behave accordingly.

* Never bad-mouth your company on line.

* Don't use personal e-mail accounts or post to a blog.

* Avoid transmitting any message thar could embarrass you or other if made public.

* Don't think instant messaging is less permanent than e-mail.

* When surfing the web, never click on something flagged NSFW (Not safe For Work).


Signe said...

My dh works in the IT dept. at his's amazing the stuff people look at/do at work! (porn, games)

amanda leigh said...

Great posts! I have the feeling of being watched at work sometimes. So I try not to check personal email but sometimes I just can't resist!! I work for a computer oriented place though so I guess I should be a lot more careful than I am!


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