Sunday, September 7, 2008

A glorious morning in New England

Hanna went by without any damage done in our area. It was a glorious morning when I woke up and it seems it will be beautiful for the rest of the week. My prayers to those affected with the hurricane. DH received an e-mail from my BIL telling him that the storm was the worst Baton Rouge, LA ever experienced. He mentioned that all trees on their yard were gone. His neighbor's house was severely damaged by a treefall. The good news was, they were safe except that they might have no power for a week. I hope the power comes back sooner than they expected.

By the way, yesterday I planned to have a barbecue for dinner but since the bad weather was to start late afternoon, we decided to have it for our lunch. Got the barbecue recipe from Kusinera sa America. It is a very good recipe for a pork barbecue.


Tey said...

We still have a lot of time to bbq.. few more months and winter is here again..
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Babette said...

Hi Dhoy, I'm glad you liked my barbeque marinade. :) We grill a lot during the summer (actually from the moment the snow melts to the first snowfall LOL). Here in my household, I man the grill. My husband takes the back seat unless I ask him to do it. I'm kind of a perfectionist kasi kaya I'd rather do it myself. ha ha

Lanie said...

hello dhoy kumusta, glad you get your recipe from barb she is a great cook.


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