Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The long weekend is over...

It was a very productive long weekend for us, we didn't go anywhere though. The whole family stayed home and did some chores that needs to be done while the weather is beautiful. DH split firewood and I helped stacking it. We usually use firewood in the winter during the weekend and at night when DH is around. It saves us a lot of heating oil and warm the whole house well. With the high cost of heating oil I think this is a good alternative for us to save a little. I also finished put an edging in our deck while our DD played in her sand box. I was so happy that DH was in the mood of painting the eaves of our house coz that really needs a makeover. Overall the weekend went well for us. What about you guys, maybe some of you are still on vacation.


Lanie said...

hi dhoy, thanks for keep leaving a messages in my blogs.

Tey said...

I had fun last weekend with my famiy at Niagara Falls and the rest of the wekend is just at home waiting for opps..lols.. overall, it was pretty relaxing and productive as well.
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