Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Big Thank You To Carlota!

My new Christmas layout is courtesy of Carlota for winning a guessing game she had on her website. Thank you so very much. She is such a very helpful person and easy to talk to.


Mira said...

Very nice layout, I thought I was in another blog, LOL. Have a great week ahead.

Carlota said...

you did it! ... thanks so much. have a great week.

Babette said...

Dhoy, very nice layout! paskong-pasko na dito ha. :o)

DhoyM said...

For Mira & Babette
Thanks, maagang pamasko from Carlota.

DhoyM said...

For Carlota,
Thank you. very detailed naman ang instruction kaya kinaya ko rin. Thanks again


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