Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Our Trip To The Philippines...

We've been back for a month now but the fun, the excitement and just being with my family still lingers on. So I decided to write it down just to let them know how I truly miss them.

My daughter and I traveled from Boston - LA -Hong Kong-Manila. It was a longer route for us since we are from the East Coast but because my brother and his family live in Los Angeles we decided to take this route so we can get a chance to see them. It was really worth a trip.

Joanne found everything exciting, from riding the plane ( even if it's not her first), meeting her relatives, the weather (she had a little complain about it) and all other things that was new to her. I let her experienced riding different types of public transportations. Communicating with her cousins her age wasn't an issue at all. Playing and hugging was really a beautiful sight . We spent most of the time with my family. It was almost impossible for us to be together at the same time 'coz everyone is so engrossed in their own world. We decided to rent a private pool in Antipolo Rizal so everybody can relax and be together. It was a successful idea since most of us gave their precious time just to be there. We spent 3 days in Mindoro to visit my parents grave and have some time at the beach. Meeting my grade school classmates was exciting too. That was a 3 weeks full of fun & excitement with my family and friends. Love it!

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