Friday, June 13, 2008

Where flowers bloom so does hope.

I have a small garden in our yard that gives me a reason to wake up early morning to water and weed. Gardening has a calming influence. It helps me relax, unwind, smile and enjoy the moments of leisure in my busy life. It always reminds me that miracle do happen, everytime I see those tiny seeds sprouted into a beautiful plants. How can I resist looking at those radiant beauties in our garden?
Some of the early flowers:

Bleeding heart



Mountain Laurel



LxndreaSB said...

wow! i have never seen these flowers before especially the first one. i mean my hubby is an avid gardener and we visit each and every nurseries we can find, but really all the flowers u have posted i have never seen before.
i wonder if u can courier the seeds to me? hahahaha!!
a very nice garden indeed!

Tey said...

Very nice flower. How I wish I have a good hand for these. thanks for dropping by my site
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DhoyM said...

Hi lxndreasb, bleeding heart is so easy to grow. doesnt need too much sun. thanks.

Thanks Tey, I am not a green thumb myself.those plants are easy to grow.

Prily said...

very,very beautiful! i can't resist to admire the must have a green thumb for growing them.good for you to know their names. good photography as well!well-done!

Mira said...

Dhoy your flowers really look great. I got everything myself except the Mountain Laurel. I just bought a pot of peony and I'm not sure if its still gonna bloom flowers. In 2003 Rob's friend just dug a root of bleeding heart and gave it to me to plant. It grew a little bit each year, but this year it's grown wild and had lots of flowers.
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Belen said...

nice flowers. I love gardaning also but I have a limited space.
have a nice day

DhoyM said...

Hi Belen, even in a small space you can also do gardening most people with a small space plants it in the pots, so you might try using pots instead.

DhoyM said...

Thank you Mira & Prily.

Nita said...
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Nita said...

Lovely photos. I used to have a garden back in the Philippines with lots and lots of flowers...miss ko na nga yun hehe.

By the way, thanks for the visit. I really appreciate it.

Sure, we can exchange link. Here are my links:

nice said...

hahay,kalami puy an sa inyo oi,labe na sa garden area...pretty pretty and pretty...keep it up girl..


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