Friday, June 27, 2008

Tackling Motherhood...

School days are over and for my littleone who enjoys going to school, staying inside the house the whole day is not an option. Since the weather was'nt so good to play outside and she did'nt have a playdate for the day, we decided to spent our 2 1/2 hours at the library. She attended 2 story telling sessions. (usually she attends just the 4-5 age group)When we got home we did few more activities. There were times that I really feel guilty when I see my child playing by herself. So most of the time we play together leaving the housechores unattended. For me, motherhood is the toughest task ever. Mothers constantly thinking of everything that make their children happy,things that the kids enjoy. On top of all these, we always worry of their safety. But even if it is the hardest job I ever knew, the happiness I feel as a mother cannot be trade of anything. I gave up my full time job to be a full time mom. I love every minute of it. There are a lot of women with children who work either driven by economic necessity or by career desires. Those mothers deserve a big credit too. Its really hard for them to manage their time. Be at the daycare on time, being at home before bedtime and still attend to household chores. One thing is for sure, all the mothers have a choice of how we tackle motherhood. Making it work really depends in our family lifestyle, whatever it is, will sure lead us to happiness.
To end this post there is a job opening that you might be interested:
A female to cook, clean, drive, shop and worry, Skills in math, spelling and operating without sleep is helpful. Salary consists of hugs, kisses and an unforgettable feeling of love and comfort.

Oh well, Motherhood is indeed a 24/7 career of a lifetime.


Cecile n' Matt said...

indeed it is; thanks for sharing this thoughts with us, i was touched and reminded of how much time i need to spend with him, guilty, too for may reasons. i just feel like i am not doing the nest i could. am i the only one who feel guilty? just curious :-)

Tey said...

Well,theres a good and bad part of summmer vacation for kids. First you'll have more time with them..But- more expenses since they will be asking to go here, buy that or they will complain they are bore. Hi DoyM, thanks for sharing you thoughts. Have a great day to you
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Tey said...

Thanks for the visit too, on my bloggers recollection blog. have a great day
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MIRA said...

We're also blessed to be married to wonderful people who understand that we mothers should be there for our kids rather than have other people watch them for us. Not every mothers can afford to stay home like we do, so I am really thankful for that.
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