Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fashionable Clothes For Pregnant Women

Every woman who got pregnant always have a story to tell about her pregnancy. When I was pregnant there were times that I really don't want to dressed up. I was so lazy to wake up in the morning to prepare myself to work. But it did'nt last long, after my first trimester I began shopping for Maternity Clothes and got so excited everyday. I found a one stop shop company who carries a lot of affordable maternity clothes, baby clothes and even baby furnitures. Boston magazine awarded them as Best maternity and Baby Clothing 2008. I was very much aware that when you look good you feel good and feeling good is great for the baby. Most of the time I was wearing Maternity Bottoms because of my work. Expectant mothers can also be fashionable whatever the season is. In summer, there is no reason to give up swimming while your pregnant since there are lots of stylish Maternity Swimsuits. No matter what you do for fashion during pregnancy, know that you have many more choices today than our mothers had, and enjoy your figure, you can be beautiful and pregnant.


Mira said...

Hi Dhoy, tks for coming kahit may sakit si Mike. It's always good to see you and your family. Btw, just noticed that your blog archive is backwards. It's showing the oldest posts instead of the current.

DhoyM said...

HI Mira, Thanks for letting me know. Di ko yon napapansin. I really appreciate what you did. I hope we see each other again soon.


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