Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Time to Bond and Share Ideas...

Reading to our child is one of our daily rituals. I am so thankful that I always have a time to read books with her even when I was still a working mom. Hooked on Bible is one of her favorites. We always have question and answer portion after we're done with the story. One of the questions she asked that really surprised me was when she asked “ Mom when are we gonna stop thanking God?” I stopped for few seconds and think the best answer that a 4 year old can comprehend. I know parents would agree that kids ask unexpected questions that most of the time surprises us. Attending summer classes or even an after school activities can also help their inquisitive minds. Last year I signed her up to a vacation bible school in our area. She really enjoyed it and I am planning to sign her up again this summer. But it is not just kids who have a lot of questions, we too have questions or ideas that we really want to discuss and share with others. We are really lucky that even in the comfort of our home we can use our computer and communicate with other people. There is one interesting LDS chat room I found that you will be free to share spiritual thoughts, experiences, exciting family events. I am thinking of joining the discussion in their chat room soon.

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