Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Adorable Puppies

We grew up having 2 dogs in our house. Gordon, the male dog was my grandmother's and the female one, Golem was ours. We really enjoyed having dogs as our family pet. They were so lovable and energetic. I still remember when Gordon got sick and soon died, my grandmother cried a lot. Now that each of us have our own family, dogs are still the first choice pet in our household. My brothers in Manila carried the tradition of having dogs as their pet. Actually, my younger brother has 3 Mini Dachshund that keeps him busy. Every morning he has to walk the dogs and he even hired a trainer for the 2 of them. They were so cute and cuddly. My little girl enjoyed walking the dogs around the subdivision when we had our vacation last year. She asked her uncle if she can have one of them. Just recently, one of them (I forgot the name) gave birth to 5 adorable puppies.

The black one is my fave. Those are the cutest ever!

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Tami said...

I LOVE dauschunds! They are so sweet. I had a long-haired, red one named Dutchess when Shad and I were first married. She's been gone 10 years now and we've had several other types of dogs one has compared. ;)


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