Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Looking Forward To See Grandpa

In a couple of months we are going to see my father in law. My little girl is already counting the days to see him. He stays in Florida in the winter and back to Albany, New York in the spring. Though he lives in another state, he always keep in touch. I really admire my father in law. He raised his four children all by himself. He sent them all to a good university and now all his children are well educated and have their own family. I always witness the love and respect his children show to him. My hat is off to him who until now is always there for his children. We didn't get a chance to visit him in Florida last winter but this summer we are going to spend some of our weekends to be with him. I am not sure if he is a member of any Senior Chat Rooms since he chats with his children often. A lot of senior adults now a days are requesting technical assistance and taking up computer classes. In a way it is really good for them so they can easily join the chat rooms and have a good conversation and get helpful information. Learning something new can always increased their interest in life.

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