Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I Miss You Guys...

"In life, there are moments when you miss someone so much that you feel like you could fulfill your dreams by holding that person tight in your arms."

It is really hard living away with your family , though I already have a family of my own, there are times that I really wanted to be with my family back home. Talking and laughing with them and just being with my siblings makes me feel so good and relax. I miss them all very much. I don't know, maybe I'm just homesick. I just wish they are close so I can easily be with them. I still have to wait for few years before I can see them again. Thanks to our new technology it makes easier for us who lives abroad to talk to our family without hurting our budget. I often use prepaid Calling Cards. Normally, using landlines is expensive if you are considering them for international calls. It is so convenient to always have Phone Cards so when you feel the need to call you can always use it and enjoy the low rates. Prepaid phone cards basically offers much lower rates to international and domestic call than the traditional long distance services


yenpart said...

I feel the same way at times... My son and dh makes the "missing" less but calling is definitely the best way of keeping in touch.

take care,

Tami said...

Have you tried Skype? Its much cheaper than phone cards and if you have it hooked up to a high-speed connection it sounds like a regular call.
We used it when we were in Ukraine to call home to the kids. Computer to computer it was free! Computer to landline it was just a couple of cents per minute.
Hope it can help you fell better connected...although its still not the same as being there. ;)

Mira said...

when was that taken Dhoy? You look very 'nene' ;-)

Babette said...

Hi Dhoy, Mira's right, nene ka pa dito. Sa family mo pala nakuha ng daughter mo yung facial features nya. :o)


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