Monday, May 4, 2009

The Best Mother's Day Gift

When I was still working at the jewelry store, we were always busy when the month of May comes. Husbands and kids were busy choosing the best jewelry to give on Mother's day. They spent time and money just to make sure that their gift is appreciated. We really feel so special and appreciated on this day. But for me, the best gift I ever received was the birth of my little girl. It was very emotional to me because we really wanted to have a baby right after we got married but because of our age it was very difficult for me to get pregnant. The day she was born was the most memorable and special day for us. The greatest gift I ever received.
This mother's day, what about giving a gift of a lifetime, for all moms-to-be, the life changing gift of Cord Blood Banking through Cryo- Cell is the best gift that you can think of. We didn't get a chance to preserve our baby's umbilical cord due to lack of information. Now that I know about Cryo-Cell U-Cord and the potential medical benefits of it, I would not hesitate to preserve the umbilical cord blood if ever I get pregnant again and inform moms-to-be about it.


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