Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ethical Hacking

Do you love to use the computer for the simple joy of using the computer? Seeing if you can actually make it do something? You know, writing a program to do something for the same reason people climb Mount Everest, “because it's there”. This is hacking. Not the criminal activity of trojans and spamming that is often called hacking these days (I call it cracking) but computing for the sake of doing so. Hacking is often a gray area, often unauthorized access of a system without intending harm. How would you like to be paid to do so? Well, one of the best ways to stop the 'bad' hacking is to figure out how the crackers do their dirty deeds by “attacking” a system and then plugging the holes so the real bad guys can't do it. Who would do something like that? How about you! Would you like to be a Certified Ethical Hacker? There are “boot camp” style courses where you can learn “Ethical Hacking”, where you find the holes that need plugging. IT Security, disaster recovery, and secure coding where you can learn how to prevent the bad guys from damaging or even taking over your systems. The EC-Council offers online classes and a “Hacker Halted” security conference in Miami September 20-24, 2009.


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