Sunday, May 10, 2009

Our Perfect Kissimmee Getaway

Every year my husband reminds me about going to Florida to bring our little girl to Disney World. I keep on postponing it because I want my daughter to remember all the good things in this trip. She will turn six this summer and I think this is the best time for her to experience all the exciting activities that this place has to offer. I never heard of Kissimmee before, until I became more interested and start looking for the best place in Florida where we can spend our vacation. It seems that this place is synonymous with fun. There is so much for a kid to do. Disney World is just minutes away, of course. There are water parks, SeaWorld, where she can explore aquatic wonders and get soak by the smart and amazing Shamu splash, the lakes and swamps for tours of the local wildlife such as alligators. I am pretty sure that this time what she will experience here will always be close to her heart. I need to sign up now since Kissimmee is giving away three weekend getaways (3 days/2 nights) for two; and two week-long vacations for four. Drawings will be held on or around 4/1/09, 5/1/09 and 6/1/09.


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