Monday, May 18, 2009

Mellow Yellow - Dutch Shoes


Would you like to fly on a dutch shoe? This is one of the many rides at Story Land, a place where the fantasy lives. Kids love this fairytale attraction located in Glen, New Hampshire. We are planning to visit this place again in June since our last visit was when my little girl was only 3. I am pretty sure that this time she would appreciate it more.


Karen said...

What a lovely, cheerful place to take kids !!

I think the Big *Kids* would enjoy it as well :-)

Nice shot ..

Mira said...

We went there over the weekend and it was still close! They're opening this coming weekend. Let's plan to go there together ;-)

Babette said...

Nag-enjoy si Amber when we went there a couple of years ago, Tyler was still a baby. Sana nga makapunta kayo sa party ni Tyler, vacation na yon di ba?


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