Saturday, May 2, 2009

Teaching Kids About Healthy Eating

Please, eat your vegetable,It is good for you. That is a common phrase that you hear from our dinner table. Letting my little girl eat vegetables is quite a challenge. I know a lot of parents face the same challenge as I do when it comes to eating vegetables. There are things that I do to make her eat veggies like getting her involve in the kitchen. I let her wash some vegetables or mix it when making a salad. Educate her of what nutrients she gets from a certain food. I let her understand that food is the fuel that allows our bodies to function properly. I also involve her on gardening to be aware of how plants grow and become more interested on tasting food that we grow. For parenting tips and ideas, Parentsconnect is a great site to visit and get involve in their awesome community for parents just like us.

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