Friday, May 15, 2009

Why Men Cheat?

I love to watch Oprah show and a few months back one of the topic was about “why men cheat.”It was shocking to hear that 1 out of 3 men cheats. 92% of men say they don't cheat for the sex.

Here are some signs that a man is cheating:

* Spending more time away from home
* A reduction in sex with his wife
* Avoiding contact (e-mails & phone calls) with his wife
* Criticizing his wife more

Reasons why Men cheat:

Emotional disconnection and lack of thoughtful gestures from their wives as the main reason why they cheated. Because of the lack of attention at home, they sought out someone who would give them attention and make them feel good.
A man in the audience commented that he felt like he had become a piece of furniture in his home, Gary Neuman addressed that the bottom line with men cheating is truly not about sex, but about how the other woman makes the man feel. Gary commented that men love to win and during his research men would say that they gave up in their marriage because they felt like they just couldn't win.

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