Thursday, May 28, 2009

My Little Girl And The Dandelion Puff Balls

Dandelion could be a pesky weed for some but it's a joy for my little girl. After school my daughter loves to stop by in our yard to look for some puff balls. She loves to make a wish before blowing each one as hard as she can. I do enjoy watching her but knowing what
she wishes for breaks my heart. I make sure when I mow the lawn that those puff balls are not disturbed for my daughter to play with when she comes home. I wasn't sure if after this few days of rain there will still be dandelions in our yard.


First I make a wish, then I blow real hard,
And the little dandelions blow all over the yard,
And I wait and I hope for my wish to come true.
Guess there's only so much a dandelion can do.
Some people think that dandelions are a pest,
But I think that dandelions are the best.
Dandelions, don't you know, are really cool,
And dandelion haters should go back to school.

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Happy Thoughts said...

That's a nice poem. :)


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