Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Webhosting - Choosing The Right One

It took me a while to convince my husband to change our internet provider. I wanted to save money with the new package but my husband was already satisfied with our old service and with his webhosting provider. I promised him that I will search for a reliable webhosting service. I found out that choosing the right one could be difficult to find. The sheer number of sites can be overwhelming.  It's easy to get locked into a long term contract with a bad provider if you aren't careful.  There is a site where you can review the different webhosting providers, It is an easy to use site where you can easily review web hosting providers for what's important to you.  Perhaps you are on a budget.  Perhaps you need to host a large amount of data or need large bandwidth, or need PHP support.  Maybe you need good tools to help you create a website.  You can find sites which offer free domains, or others will assist with advertising such as Google AdSense or Yahoo Marketing, or sites which are better if you need multiple domains.  You can even find "green" hosting, providers which are solar or wind powered!
They have a blog which contains tips and what to look for in a hosting company, explanation of security issues and essentially everything you need to know to find a provider to get your site up and running.

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