Sunday, May 10, 2009

Kissimmee, The Heart Of Florida

What would your dream getaway be like? I love shopping in an old style downtown. (Not the “mall”, where you see one, you’ve seen them all) I’d like to experience nature. How wild animals truly live. My favorite bird is the famous symbol of the US, the bald eagle. In addition, I’ve been on a couple of swamp tours and I love them! Alligators, birds, turtles as nature meant them to be. I love history as well. How did people on the farm live a hundred years ago? How about major league baseball or golf? I'd love to meet Tiger Woods some day. How about checking the local cruise night to see the classic cars, or a visit to an art museum? What about spotting famous celebrities out and about? Wouldn’t it be great if a place had all of this? Well I’ll let you in on a secret. There is such a place – Kissimmee, Florida! It has a historic downtown for shopping, many lakes and swamps with all their wildlife (including the largest nesting population of bald eagles in the lower 48 states),and beautiful theme parks.
This time, Kissimmee is giving away three weekend getaways (3 days/2 nights) for two; and two week-long vacations for four (4). Drawings will be held on or around 4/1/09, 5/1/09 and 6/1/09. You can sign up now and get a chance to win one these give aways.

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