Friday, May 8, 2009

Every Paw Counts

Just like most Americans, I grew up with dogs in our household. I learned how animals need care and attention just like us. A pet is an important member in our household. I love seeing my little girl hugging Lara (our cat) every time she comes home from school. She can't be away from home for a long time because she misses our pet. Lara becomes her little sister since she is our only child. Having a pet around teaches our little girl compassion and responsibility. Studies show that children who own pets have more empathy and nurturing ability, and as they grow to adulthood, essential skills to develop meaningful relationships.
It is good to know know that there are some sites like the Home Again Web Site who has program to supports the American Humane Association's Be Kind To Animals Week May 3-9 by donating a portion of the proceeds for every companion animal registered to the program during this time frame. For every pet registered, HomeAgain will make the donation through -a fundraising Web site specifically created to help shelter animals. Tomorrow, Saturday we will be going to the park nearby to participate in a Dog Walk to benefit Canines for disabled kids. My little girl will surely love this event.


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