Friday, May 22, 2009

A Guide To A Healthy Living

If you are in a medical field you probably are familiar with the Scrubs magazine. But Scrubs is not just a clinical nursing site. This very interesting magazine talks about everything. From health, beauty, fashion, love, money, you name it, they have an article about it. Plus you will also get a chance to have an inside look at a nurse's lifestyle. A fun, warm, timely yet original, speaks to the “stages of a nursing career” (such as student nurse,new nurse, seasoned/mentor). I like reading their inspirational stories , why they chose to be nurses. Becoming a nurse is a vocation. They really possess a caring personality . They are an inspiration and deserves to be appreciated. I truly enjoy reading this uplifting magazine. This can be one of your best guide for everyday living.
This cool online magazine has a portion where you can nominate someone for a Scrubby Award. They also have a nursing poll where readers can participate to vote. is a site to go if you are looking for health tips, guides, and interesting articles to read. They are constantly updating their site to better serve their readers.


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