Friday, May 8, 2009

Born to Play

When my daughter was still a baby, we gave her lots of educational baby toys. Just like other parents, we gave her educational toys so she can learn the colors, shapes and the alphabet early in life. Now that she is six, she chooses the toy she wants. We just want to make sure that it is still educational and fun at the same time. She is into older toys now. She loves to play pretend.
I enjoy watching her while playing with her favorite Sleeping Beauty's Princess room set. She loves this set to re-create Princess Aurora's room from the Disney film Sleeping Beauty in lots of imaginative ways. This set has 51-piece bedroom suite. There are lots of special parts to recreate a favorite scene and is compatible with all mini blocks. This is a wonderful way to develop contruction skills and a great way to encourage roleplay. I allow her to explore and develop a creative imagination. Her daddy gave it to her last Christmas and from then on this becomes her favorite. Her birthday is coming up soon , so I started to look on line for the toy that she might like. I was lucky to find the MEGA Brands site where I can shop for something for her birthday. It would be easier for me to just show her the selections and let her choose what she wants. I like the idea of selecting toys by age, that way I can easily find the product I like.


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Mira said...

I've got an award for you, grab it when you get the chance

Happy Mother's Day to you too.


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