Friday, May 29, 2009

Rebuilding Our Retaining Wall

I just received an estimate from the landscaper I talked to a week ago about our plan to rebuild our existing stone wall. It is our priority this summer to do something about it. Because of too much snow last winter, the wall started to collapse. Poor drainage contributes to the problems of frost heaving. This affects the foundation that is not secure in the ground below the frost level. We don't want to always have this problem every year but I was surprised with the estimate since we do have the materials needed. We are expecting the labor would be less. But anyway, we still have to wait for some quotations on the mail so we can have a good comparison and decide what to do from there.
When talking to the landscaper he told me that he had a problem finding our address because the house number is on the front of our mailbox , which is partly hidden. He then suggested to install an address plaques where the big rock is located so that the number would be obvious when you are on the road. That is a good suggestion though, but it is not our priority right now.
I learned a lot while talking to him and I am considering some of his suggestions. That lead me to look online and check what to get if we decide to replace our mailbox. I can't believe a vast selections I found and smitten with those gorgeous looking whitehall mailboxes available. I have now a good idea where to find something I need for our home and garden accents.

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