Monday, April 20, 2009

The Beautiful Vermont

Vermont is a part of New England region that is noted for its beautiful sceneries. This is a good place to go to when you want to relax and enjoy the pristine, natural surroundings. We are lucky enough that Vermont is just few hours drive away from where we live. We usually go there many times in summer and fall but in spring you can capture the beauty of what Mother's nature can show us. Red maples and sugar maples coming into bloom, enjoying the sunset, the unbelievable beauty of the lakes, those are the beauty that you can't resist when visiting Vermont. Close to many wonderful attractions and scenic wonders is the Green Mountain Inn in Stowe. There are lots of Vermont activities that you can do in this area. From skiing, kayaking, biking , shopping and many more outdoor activities. The Inn itself is a good venue if you are thinking of a Vermont weddings. Getting married in Vermont is a lovely affair. The mood is enhanced by the gorgeous landscape. Vermont Meetings and retreats can also be done in this beautiful location. They have a comfortable and well equipped meeting venues. When you plan to visit New England include Stowe, Vermont as one of the place to go to. You will surely love this beautiful place.

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yenpart said...

our df owns a property in vermont and we were lucky to spend a week there last summer! it sure is a very beautiful place!


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