Saturday, April 4, 2009

Easter Bunny Is Coming To Town

It's Easter once again, my little girl is so excited because she can again wear her Easter bunny outfit. This year I will try to use vegetables and spices to color our eggs. I've seen a web site on how to dye eggs this way and I am getting so excited to try it. For sure it would be fun and my little girl would surely love it. We usually go to church on Easter morning and participate the egg hunting after. We are lucky that the church that we go to has an activity for kids after mass. At home she again do some egg hunting then eat our lunch at the restaurant. She loves to always wear costumes even when she is at home or with her friends. Playing dress up is always one of those things they do. I like seeing her with her disney character outfit running around the house playing make believe. Halloween Costumes is one of her favorites. She is already asking me when is she going to choose her costume. It is fun to shop around and choose costume each year. I've seen a website that has a lot of selections to choose from. Boys Halloween Costumes and even Adult Disney Costumes are so cute and interesting.

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