Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Relaxing In My Garden

I started a small garden few years ago. I planted some bulbs that didn't need much care but produces a lot of flowers. The spark was ignited, from then on I've been digging and adding more plants. I do gardening activities when the weather gets a little warmer, in our area sometime in April.
Dressing up my garden is fun and draw attention to a specific area. This time I am planning to add a solar powered fountain bird bath so I can enjoy the sound of water flowing down the fountain and I'm sure birds will love it too. All I need is fill it with water and enjoy the soothing atmosphere while relaxing on my Peguera Bench. Gardening makes me busy all summer long. Working in my garden strengthen my muscles and is also a great way to get in that daily work out, while also spending time with my family. Since we added a deck close to the garden I can now entertain friends outdoor, with citronella candles and a dab of sunblock we are now ready for an outdoor party.

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