Saturday, April 11, 2009

Thank You My Friend...

I worked at the accounting department of one of the biggest five star hotel in the Philippines. It was exciting working there but at the same time tiring since I always worked 12 hours a day due to my work load. I decided to change my work environment and chose to try the jewelry business where I can meet and talk to a lot of people. I was right, there I met Mira. I sold her a diamond necklace. After that meeting we occasionally talked on the phone and finally became friends. I was lucky because after a while, we both migrated to the US and live in the same state. Our communications continued but became less since I got a full time job and she became busy with her son. We really cannot tell the precise moment when friendship is formed. She introduced me to blogging and become so supportive. Everytime I have questions about the new found hobby she is there helping me out and giving me suggestions on a lot of things. I would like to take this opportunity to really thank her. Thank you Mira for being a good friend.

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