Friday, April 10, 2009

World Map On The Ceiling!

One Sunday morning at church, my little girl said, “Mom look, there is a world map on the ceiling!” and yes there were big patches of stains maybe from the damaged roof. We had a very snowy winter this year and a week long of power outage that might cause the problem. We also have a stain on our ceiling that we have to deal with. It is like a gigantic bowling pin. We contacted a roofer to check if there is a big damage on our roof. We hope there will be no problem on the roof itself since we just replaced the whole roof three years ago. When we have problem like this, we always seek the advice of the professional, in this case the roofer's expertise to avoid further damage in our property. It is good to have a complete investigation and adequate advice so we can get an appropriate solutions to the problem. Replacing roof can be a major expense and all of us are trying to avoid it. We have number of options when it comes to finding a qualified roofer. One of the best places to start your search is by asking family and friends. Find out if someone you know worked with the roofer before and if they were pleased with the results. Doing an online search for a qualified Salt Lake City roofer is also an alternative.

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