Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Our Spring Vacation

Last week, we had a surprised vacation in New York City. DH didn't tell me that he took a week off from work during our little girl's spring break and booked our two nights stay in nearby hotel in NYC. Usually we talk about it and I do all the preparations but this time he did it himself to surprise us. Our first stopped was the Bronx Zoo- America's largest metropolitan zoo and home to thousands of animals from all corners of the globe. We spent our second day in Manhattan and our last day was a visit to the Statue of Liberty which was the favorite of my little girl. We really enjoyed our 3 days vacation.

Rockefeller Center (67th floor)

NYC at night. Taken from the top of The Empire State building (102nd floor)

A pose with one of the Rockettes (Radio City) and the Statue of Liberty


Karen said...

What a sweet surprise!

Holiday in South Africa said...

Good place for vacation.


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