Friday, April 17, 2009

Our Dream Getaway

If there is one place I dreamed of going, It is the beautiful Maui in Hawaii. I heard a lot of wonderful things about this Island. The world's best beaches, the beautiful people and the breathtaking Maui Resort is the perfect getaway. We are already been talking about celebrating our wedding anniversary and came across to the Ka'anapali Beach Hotel. Their amenities include two restaurants, spa salon and swimming pool. One of the activities that we would like to do is visiting the historic sites. Since Maui is home to ancient Hawaii capital, the historic town of Lahaina, It would be worth to visit. Museums are surely enjoyable too. White sand beaches of course is number one in our list plus other activities for kids because our 6 year old daughter will be with us. Hiking adventures is for sure one of the best to explore Maui.
For couples who are planning their dream wedding, Maui Weddings is truly a dream of couple in love. Hawaii is definitely the island of enchantment for lovers and getting married in Maui would be an unforgettable wedding experience. The Ka'anapali Beach Hotel has a lovely oceanfront garden.


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