Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Wet And Chilly Tuesday

It was wet and chilly the whole day today but I promised my little girl to bring her out and play since it is her spring break. We decided to go to the play area inside the mall which is 30 minutes away from us. Just across the play area is a shoe store so I ask my husband if he can watch her while I go shopping. I was looking for the Converse Shoes and shoes for her but I can't find the one I like. I bought her the Crocs Shoes last year and she said that it is already small. Shoes are one thing that I don't buy in advance since kids grow so fast. After she was done playing we ended up going to Lowe's to buy some gardening stuff and some other things that my husband need in his project. When we got home I searched on line because I really need to buy shoes for her so she can use it when she goes back to school. While searching on line I found the site that has a great selections of Kids Shoes with beautiful styles and different colors that kids would love. She chose the pink one as always, since it is her favorite color. It's good because they offer a free shipping on most of the items and there is no sales tax so I can save few bucks from there.

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