Sunday, April 12, 2009

Keeping E-mail Messages Private And Secure

Privacyharbor-logo-wht-f Did you ever wonder what the online email companies do with”your” email when it is stored on their system? One thing is that your email is scanned to determine which advertisements to show to you. They gather statistics and so forth which is shared with the advertisers. Do you think it is acceptable for the advertisers to pry in on your email? It's not. Now there is an online email service that does not share your email with advertisers for any reason. It's called Privacy Harbor. What's worse than sharing your emails with advertisers? How about spammers? Did you know that it is estimated that 97-98% of email traffic on the net these days is spam? Many of us get dozens or even hundreds of spam emails every day. They have anti-spam and anti-virus protection as well. This is necessary these days, with spammers and virus writers running amok. It is so hard to always delete unnecessary e-mails from your in box. Also if you accidentally open the unwanted e-mails, virus may make the computer crash. It happened to me one time and we ended up formatting the hard drive to make our computer work. There is one company that could help to keep every message safe, private and secure.You may want to Get your Free Private Email now at


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