Sunday, April 26, 2009

What I Want Is A Beautiful Lawn

Spring is here, It's time for our lawn to be restored. We are having problem in our lawn for couple of years now. It is in bad shape, but we aren't ready to go with a lawn service. The grass is weak and there are weeds. Last year we had it fertilized but it didn't give us a good result. This time we went to our local farm supply store to have the soil checked so we can use the right fertilizer. It really needs a very good fertilizer, but we want to avoid chemicals that can hurt our little girl. Most lawn care treatments contain harsh chemicals to kill the weeds, and we want to avoid that. Do you want your small child to play in chemicals? We sure don't. We are going to try ringer lawn fertilizer to restore our lawn to its former lush state. This is a balanced slow release formula which is necessary since we don't want to make things worse by shocking the grass. It is organic, without chemicals, and allows you to keep your lawn and garden organic. The balanced formula allows the grass to eliminate weeds the natural way – by choking out weed pests. The slow release formula has the right balance of nitrogen, phosphate and potassium for a beautiful lawn from several totally natural sources. I can't wait to see our lawn in good shape again.

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