Monday, April 13, 2009

A Poem From My Precious Girl

While browsing my co bloggers blog, I came across to Heathen Mom's blog and learned that April is a national poetry month. It is a good opportunity to post the poem my 5 year old DD made for me when she found out that the Sunflower she gave me on Mother's day didn't survive.
Here is the poem she asked me to write since she had a hard time writing it. (I just wrote what she wanted me to.)

Sunflower so yellow and bright
I love how they smell,
I love how they feel
When you pick the flower
and put it in a pot,
you can pick another one if you want?

You think it's a tree
You think it's a bee
You think it might grow higher than me?


yenpart said...

what a smart girl you've got there! she's showing great talent at a young age!

take care and happy easter

Walk in the Woods said...

How sweet!

Jona said...

oh how sweet! your girl is so bright! she might be a writer someday or a song composer :D

Heathen Mom said...

I love it! What a great way to celebrate National Poetry Month. It is always wonderful to read the work of a young poet.

Mira said...

It's amazing how young brains work, she has a showing of a good story teller someday complete with nice illustrations ;-)

KuLiTz said...

aww that's very cute.she's going to be a good writer someday =)
She's soo cute, i hope i can see you all soon ^_^
How are you ninag? Thanks for reading my story,hehe even though it was only an assignment for school.Well my email is
hope to hear from you soon


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